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Rescue Teams Found Human Remains Among The Wreckage of The Interstate 95 Disaster In Philadelphia

Rescue Teams Found Human Remains Among The Wreckage of The Interstate 95 Disaster In Philadelphia (Photo: ABC News)

Rescue teams that responded to the Interstate 95 tanker fire collapse found human remains among the wreckage.

The part of Interstate 95 that collapsed due to the tanker fire incident (Photo: Reuters)

Tanker On Fire Along Interstate 95

Human remains have been recovered by the rescue teams that responded to the collapse of Interstate 95 due to a tanker that caught on fire. According to Pennsylvania State Police, the remains were found a day after clearing the wreckage. The remains were then handed to the office of the Medical Examiner to identify who it was. Officials were not able to confirm yet if the remains were of the truck driver. Crews worked non-stop for 2 days straight clearing the debris.

According to Gov. Josh Shapiro, another vehicle is believed to be trapped underneath the wreckage. Shapiro added that they are working hard to identify any individuals who were caught up in the disaster. The tanker was believed to be carrying a petroleum-based product, which would explain the severity of the fire and the intensity of the disaster. Last Monday, Shapiro implemented a disaster declaration.

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How The Collapse Affected The Interstate 95

According to Michael Carroll, the secretary of Pennsylvania Transportation, it is estimated that 160,000 vehicles travel along Interstate 95 every day. It is the main access road that leads to the north-to-south to the East Coast.

A team from the National Transportation Safety Board will conduct an investigation regarding the disaster. The reopening of the collapsed part of Interstate 95 will be assisted by the Federal Highway Administration.

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