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A Search For A Walmart Shopper Has Been Launched After Being Accused of Stealing A Cart Of Goods Using a Receipt Trick In Kentucky

A Search For A Walmart Shopper Has Been Launched After Being Accused of Stealing A Cart Of Goods Using a Receipt Trick In Kentucky (Photo: The U.S. Sun)

A search for a Walmart shopper who stole an entire cart of goods using a clever receipt trick is now underway.

Self-checkout areas in Walmart (Photo: RetailWire)

Man Stole From Walmart After Pulling Off A Clever Receipt Trick

Police are urging everyone to come forward with any information regarding the man who stole an entire cart of goods from a Walmart in Lexington, Kentucky last May 6. The man was caught on the store‘s surveillance camera while he was grabbing the receipt of another individual from one of the self-checkout areas of the store. Afterward, he was seen exiting the store without paying for the goods in the cart he was using.

The man was last seen wearing a hooded brown leather jacket, a black baseball cap, and khakis. He apparently stole a bag of chips, large packages of toilet paper, and other items from the store. Anyone with any relevant information about the man and the incident is encouraged to come forward to the police department of Lexington. Calls and emails are accepted.

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Mark Cuban on Self-Checkout Technology

Mark Cuban, a big-time investor and TV personality, came forward and commented on the spread of self-checkout systems worldwide. Cuban addressed them as “weird but smart”. Cuban added that it may be a new thing for customers to scan their own items but it is a great alternative for companies since it saves them money. He also noted that the system is an easy target for many thieves.

That being said, store chains like Walmart have strategies in place to prevent thieves from stealing. For example, handheld devices are being used at the moment by some businesses to help catch thieves. If a customer cannot scan an item that they grabbed, the device alerts the employees so they would be able to stop the transaction.

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