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Pregnant Woman Was Shot Dead In Her Car In Downtown Seattle Together With A Man On Board

Pregnant Woman Was Shot Dead In Her Car In Downtown Seattle Together With A Man On Board (Photo: NBC Right Now)

A pregnant woman was shot dead in her car in downtown Seattle together with a man on board.

Eina Kwon (Photo: DNyuz)

Pregnant Woman Shot Dead In Downtown Seattle

Last Tuesday morning, a pregnant woman was shot dead in her car in downtown Seattle. On board with her was another man. According to Seattle police, a gunman fired at her car multiple times when she stopped at an intersection. According to KIRO-TV, the victims were identified as Sung and Eing Kwon. After the shooting, a small memorial took place at the traffic light where responders at the scene performed live-saving procedures on both of the victims.

Eina was taken to Harborview Medical Center but she ultimately died from her wounds, according to the police. Eina was eight months pregnant during the incident. According to the Seattle Times, doctors were able to deliver her baby but died shortly after. Sung Kwon was still confined until Wednesday, sustaining only injuries to his arm, as reported by The Associated Press.

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Suspect Apprehended By Authorities

Authorities were able to apprehend a suspect related to the shooting. Officers stated that they found a man that was near the area of the incident. Officials recovered a firearm from the suspect. Detectives on the scene are ruling out the incident as a homicide. Officers are currently hanging on the possibility that Eina and Sung may have been targeted randomly by the gunman. A motive is still unknown.

As reported by the Associated Press, when the suspect was approached by officers, which was a man that matched the descriptions of witnesses, raised his arms while saying, “I did it, I did it”. Later, he told the officers that he saw a firearm in Kwon’s car, and he fired his gun in response to what he saw. A probable cause was found by a judge to charge the man with homicide, unlawful possession of a firearm, and assault. 

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