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Russian Forces Have Been Put On the Annual Blacklist Of The UN For Murdering Children And Attacking Schools In Ukraine

Russian Forces Have Been Put On the Annual Blacklist Of The UN For Murdering Children And Attacking Schools In Ukraine (Photo: Ukrinform)

The UN has added the Russian forces to its annual blacklist following the killing of children and attacking schools in Ukraine.

Russian forces (Photo: CNN)

UN Adding Russian Forces To Its Annual Blacklist

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres stated in his report to the Security Council that he is horrified by the number of “grave violations” against children last year in Ukraine. He was also appalled that schools and even hospitals were not safe from Russian forces. He is even concerned about the children that were taken to Russia. However, the UN chief did not include Israel on the blacklist, given the number of violations against Palestinian children amounting to 1,139. Not to mention the killings last year, amounting to 54. He welcomed Israel’s initiative instead UN’s envoy for children involved in armed conflict. This was done in the hopes of “protecting children”.


Palestinian UN Ambassador Riyad Mansour told reporters that what Guterres did was a “big mistake”. Mansour added that it is “disappointing” for the Palestinians and the children of Palestine.

Within the report, Guterres stated that children were greatly affected by the conflicts of last year. He added that the UN tallied these violations. It was found that 2,985 were killed in various countries that are currently in conflict. These violations include the recruitment of children into conflict, sexual abuse, kidnappings, and attacks on hospitals and schools.

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Actions Of Russian Forces Resulting In Deaths And Injuries Of Children

Guterres added that while armed groups are mainly responsible for about half of the recorded violations, government forces are mostly to blame for the violations of children and the attacks on schools and hospitals. Government forces also denied children basic needs and other humanitarian essentials.

Guterres revealed that the actions of the Russian forces resulted in the deaths of over 136 Ukrainian children and the injuries of 518 more. He urged the Russian forces to remember their obligations under international law and direct their efforts to protect children and cooperate with the UN to protect children in various areas affected by conflict.

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