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Sixteen Mexican Security Employees Are Now Free After Being Kidnapped In Chiapas

Sixteen Mexican Security Employees Are Now Free After Being Kidnapped In Chiapas (Photo: Dunya News)

Sixteen security employees were freed last Friday after being kidnapped in Chiapas.

Some of the security employees as they are reunited with their friends and families (Photo: Reuters)

Security Employees Freed After Three-Day Search

According to officials. sixteen security employees who were kidnapped this week are now free after a three-day search. A spokesperson for the state ministry security stated that all the rescued security employees are okay. The security employees were kidnapped by an armed group last Tuesday near the Tuxtla Gutierrez state capital. According to the authorities, the security employees were said to be leaving after work when they were abducted.

Over 1000 state and federal agents embarked on the search for the abducted security employees. In relation to the abduction, two individuals were arrested during the search. News outlets shared photos of the security employees reuniting with their families. Others broke into tears as they were reunited.

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More On The Security Employees

Last Tuesday, the Chiapas security ministry spokesperson stated that the kidnapped security employees were not trained officers but more like administrative workers. The spokesperson added that such incidents never happened before.

Moments after missing, the kidnapped security employees were video-recorded standing closely together, with their heads turned towards the ground. One gave a condition that the security employees would be freed if some administrators from the security ministry would resign.

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