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Breathe Program Opens Applications to Eligible Residents

Breathe program
Breathe program is accepting eligible applicants. (Photo: Unsplash)

Eligible Los Angeles residents have only a few hours left to apply for Breathe program to receive monthly payments of $1,000. 

Breathe program

Breathe program is accepting eligible applicants. (Photo: Unsplash)

As part of the initiative in Los Angeles, Breathe program is accepting eligible applicants to apply and receive $1,000 monthly.

What is Breathe Program? 

Breathe program

Photo: Unsplash

According to the Los Angeles Sentinel, the Breathe program is designed to help people suffering from stress and poverty and provide opportunities. 

The program also offers a chance for everyone to participate in their communities. 

Holly J. Mitchell, Los Angeles County Supervisor, said that Breathe program could help people sustain their needs amid the inflation in the country.

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Who are eligible to participate in Breathe Program? 

Breathe program accepts individuals who participated in DCFS Youth program and must be 21 and above. The Sun reported that individuals who receive income below 100 percent. Aside from that, residents who are not participating in the Breathe program can apply to any other programs

Remember, the application is until July 3; anyone can apply online

Those who will be accepted will receive the Breathe program payments through debit cards. 

Additionally, Marca revealed that 200 applicants would be added to Breathe program. It also stated that the program is not a new initiative but a newly approved project to provide funds to the needy. 

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