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Anthonie Ruinard Charged With Murder After Killing Nebraska Teenager

Anthonie Ruinard
Anthonie Ruinard killed and dismembered Parker League. (Photo: KTAR News)

The 37-year-old Anthonie Ruinard is charged with murder after killing Parker League from Nebraska. Authorities claim that Anthonie Ruinard also burned the victim’s body in an Arizona bonfire pit.

Anthonie Ruinard

Anthonie Ruinard killed and dismembered Parker League. (Photo: KTAR News)

The Arrest of Anthonie Ruinard After The Murder of Parker League

Anthonie Ruinard was arrested on Wednesday and charged with murder after killing and burning Parker League’s body. According to People, Parker League, 18, from Nebraska, visited Arizona to visit his friends. The report also stated that authorities discovered League with several stab wounds.

SK Pop reported that League’s dismembered body was found in an Arizona bonfire pit. According to the investigation, CCTV footage revealed that Anthonie Ruinard and Parker League were leaving a store together in Chandler, Arizona. That was the last time they had seen Parker League alive.

Aside from the CCTV footage, after killing the victim, Anthonie Ruinard used the victim’s bank card to purchase food and pay his electric bill.

“We basically found out that someone was using his debit card to get food and tried to pay their electric bill with it,” said Hunter League, Parker League’s brother, according to People.

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Anthonie Ruinard

Parker League. (Photo: People)

Anthonie Ruinard Charged With First-Degree Murder, Dismemberment

After the mysterious death of Parker League, Anthonie Ruinard was charged with first-degree murder and dismemberment.

According to AZCentral, Parker League’s body was confirmed using his dental records. Aside from that, the authorities revealed that Anthonie Ruinard removed the victim’s head and hands and placed them near his legs.  They also stated that an unknown sharp weapon was used to dismember Parker League’s body.

The authorities found evidence linking Anthonie Ruinard to Parker League’s death during the investigation. They also found out that Anthonie Ruinard was in possession of cocaine that weighed two pounds.

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