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Discussions For Budget Allocations Currently Leaves Virginia in Shambles

Discussions For Budget Allocations Currently Leaves Virginia in Shambles (Photo: Sports ETA)

The state of Virginia is currently left in shambles as budget allocations for the state have not yet been decided.

Senator Emmett Hanger (Photo:

Budget Allocations For Virginia Still On Dispute

The state of Virginia is currently in oblivion due to the absence of budget allocations. Sen. Emmett Hanger aptly stated that the task was supposed to be done last February. The ongoing problem is still left in an unresolved state. According to the statement of Del. Barry Knight, Chairman of the House Appropriations, the Senate may have agreed to terms regarding the budget allocations but wanted to wait until after the primary election which is said to be held in June. Right after the primary election, the Senate withdrew the deal. 

According to Hanger, there was a miscommunication among the negotiators over a potential expenditure and tax cut agreement. As added by the senator, some members were reluctant to approve the budget allocations before the primaries, but by last Monday, they had returned to Richmond and made some headway. “We were exchanging proposals the following morning,” the senator added. The House essentially advocated sticking with the agreement they believed they had reached in February, which plainly didn’t work then and doesn’t work now.

“Virginia will continue to operate even without the budget amendments,” as stated by Hanger, but he added that enacting the budget will be “a little more complicated” than it usually is when the budget allocation is submitted on time. Additionally, the senator added the current budget for the state is currently insufficient. With all of this in mind, a call for proper budget allocations is needed.

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Budget Allocations For Various Areas in Virginia

With the upcoming fiscal year, Harrisonburg County and Rockingham County are facing a huge problem. With the budget request for a salary increase for educators not being taken care of, the plans and projects on public education shall remain pending and will be delayed. It is a case to not be surprised by but results in disappointment to the citizens, educators, and most especially the superintendent of Harrisonburg City Public School, Michael Richards.

Furthermore, it was believed that a budget allocation was already set in place for the Department of Health in Virginia but, its approval is still pending. This makes Gov. Youngkin want to propose $230 million for the state but this move by the governor alarmed the Senate. Sen. Hanger then stated that they would solve this issue as soon as possible but promptly since it was the responsibility of the Senate.

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