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Kari Lake Sued For Defamation By Top Arizona Republican Election Official

Kari Lake Sued For Defamation By Top Arizona Republican Election Official (Photo: Rolling Stone)

Kari Lake has been sued by a top Arizona Republican election official over false claims that she lost the governor race last 2022 due to fraud.

Kari Lake (Photo: NBC News)

Kari Lake vs. Lawsuit

Stephen Richer, Recorder of Maricopa County, stated that he faced “dire consequences” due to the false claims spread by Lake. He also revealed that he experienced friendship losses and death threats because of Lake. Richer added in an op-ed in the Arizona Republic that Lake chose to direct her followers against him and lower their confidence in the elections rather than accepting defeat and looking for new employment.

Lake was formerly a news anchor for Phoenix TV who quickly rose as a political influencer and figure since she was a loyal follower of Donald Trump during this time as president. She was also in support of the claim that the 2020 election was “stolen” from the former president. In the recent elections for governor, she went on to lose the election along with the lawsuit which challenged the results.

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Kari Lake’s Claims

She went on to blame Richer and Maricopa County officials for her loss, saying that they “interfered” in the governor election, causing her defeat. Lake’s spokesperson was not able to respond to a request for comment immediately. She stated that she is willing to run for the U.S. Senate, where she is also a top candidate as Trump’s running mate this 2024 campaign for president.

The suit filed against Lake names her as a defendant, along with her entire campaign and fundraising camp. To add to the unnamed monetary damages, Richer is requesting a court order that would label Lake’s claims as false and take down her claims from her social media platforms. Richer’s attorneys made it clear in the lawsuit that Lake can criticize  Richer but she is not allowed to spread lies that would damage him. Richer added that Lake went “too far” and went on to violate the boundaries of free speech.

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