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Rules For A New Paid Parental Leave That North Carolina Teachers Should Know

Rules For A New Paid Parental Leave That North Carolina Teachers Should Know (Photo: The News & Observer)

The lawmakers of North Carolina have introduced a new paid parental leave for working women in the state.

People in protest, asking for paid leave (Photo: Rethinking Schools)


North Carolina To Implement A New Paid Parental Leave To Its Workers

Lawmakers of North Carolina have introduced a new paid parental leave 2 months after giving birth which will be beneficial to teachers in public schools, civil servants, and those who work in community colleges. With this being approved, there will be a need for the recruitment of substitute employees, and it was aptly stated by the legislators of the state to mitigate the financial cost by giving a budget of $10 million.

The implementation of paid parental leave was reviewed by the Board of Education in North Carolina State last Thursday.  After a thorough discussion by the board, it was decided that the new paid parental leave shall be effective starting on July 1. However, the implementation of paid parental leave was not stated clearly regarding the administrative details on the qualification and how to apply for the program. Guidelines are yet to be announced for paid parental leave. It is required that the rules for paid parental leave to be made are under what the employees of the state shall enact.

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More On The New Paid Parental Leave

The bill for paid parental leave still consists of tons of amendments such as before proceeding to the parental leave, employees are required to submit a prior notification to their employer. Also, part of the rectification is foster parents who are eligible to take part in paid parental leave. It is said that a full-time employee will adopt a child and can take up to 4 weeks of leave.

This newly approved law has exempted some charter schools. This is because of the abortion law, which may not be connected to parental leave but still has caused dissatisfaction. As this law was effective last July 1, only women who work for the state, community colleges, and public school employees who gave birth starting that day onwards shall be eligible for the paid parental leave. Any of them who gave birth before the law became effective is not eligible for said law.

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