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Tragic Death: 44-year-old Curtis Davis Found Unresponsive in His Cell, This Year’s Sixth Death in NYC Jail

Rikers Island NYC Jail Photo by: (Democracy Now!)

On Sunday morning 44-year-old Curtis Davis was found unresponsive in his cell, which becomes this year’s sixth death in NYC jail.

Curtis Davis Found Unresponsive in His Cell

The lifeless body of Curtis Davis was discovered on the floor of his cell at 5:10 am. He had been arrested on June 1 for allegedly stabbing an elderly man’s eye.

This incident marks the seventh inmate death at Rikers Island and the 26th since Eric Adams assumed office as New York’s Mayor in January 2022, as reported by The Guardian. Curtis Davis’s passing occurred after William Johnstone’s fatal drug overdose just a week prior.

Curtis Davis was an inmate at Rikers Island. The island can be found in an area between Queens and the Bronx, at the mouth of Hell Gate. News 12 Brooklyn says that the incident occurred less than a week after Damian Williams, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of NYC requested that the jail be placed under federal receivership.

NYC jail – photo by (CBS News)

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Mayor Adam Opposes Jail Placed in Federal Receivership

A recent federal report accused New York’s Department of Correction of not making significant and visible progress in addressing long-standing issues at the complex.

Adams is against the jail being put under federal receivership. He stated last week that his administration has successfully introduced significant cultural changes to the complex and that the city has begun to improve with the Department of Correction.

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