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Hurricane Dora, High Pressure Winds, and Raging Hawaiian Brush Fires Resulted in At Least 6 Fatalities

6 are dead from raging Hawaiian brush fires after it was enhanced by Hurricane Dora (Photo:Wikimedia Commons)

Although Hurricane Dora passed more than 500 miles to the south causing Hawaiian brush fires to kill 6 casualties.

Hawaii’s devastating hurricane-driven wildfires claim 6 lives (Photo: Weekly Voice)

The presence of a large-scale weather feature to the north of the islands caused gusty winds of more than 70 mph to be reported throughout the state.

On the Hawaiian islands, dangerous Hawaiian brush fires are being fueled by Hurricane Dora to their south and a strong ridge of high pressure to their north, leaving at least six people dead and ongoing search operations.

On Tuesday, the Hawaiian brush fires spread by wind gusts of more than 70 mph were fought by fire crews on the Big Island and Maui. More than 1,800 acres of land were burned down by one of the bigger fires burning in the Big Island’s north.


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Hawaii Lt. Gov. Sylvia Luke described the Hawaiian brush fires as “an unprecedented disaster as an indirect result of Hurricane Dora passing just south of our islands.” “It is truly tragic, and my heart goes out to the people of Maui and everyone affected,” the speaker said.

According to Luke, who on Wednesday issued an emergency proclamation due Hawaiian brush fires, to extend the state of emergency to all counties, discourage non-essential air travel to Maui, and order all affected state agencies to help with the evacuation, travelers with current or planned lodging at West Maui hotels may need other accommodations as the Hawaiian brush fires continue.

This declaration is intended to discourage travel to the affected areas so that we can focus our limited resources on helping Maui’s residents who are in the greatest need, according to Luke.

According to the Hawaii Department of Transportation, 1,800 people spent the night at the Kahului Airport due to delayed and canceled flights, and many west-side highways were closed. While Hawaiian brush fires raged in Lahaina and the upcountry, HDOT collaborated with airlines and the Transportation Security Administration to provide shelter for travelers.

While many of the brush fires’ causes are still unknown, downed power lines and dry brush were being investigated as potential culprits in some of the fires. Wednesday throughout the state, there were nearly 15,000 customers without electricity as of last check.


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