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Youth Football Coach Killed in Texas Case – Yaqub Talib Receives 37 Years in Prison Sentence After Pleading Guilty

The brother of former NFL star Aqib Talib, Yaqub Talib, was sentenced to 37 years in prison for (Photo: Hollywood Unlocked)

The former NFL cornerback Aqib Talib’s brother Yaqub was given a 37-year prison term due to his case on a youth football coach killed in Texas.

Case of a youth football coach killed in Texas, suspect serves 37 years in Prison (Photo: iStock)

Talib earlier entered a guilty plea in the shooting of a youth football coach killed in Texas, Michael Hickmon, 43.

In a recently published article from FOX News, in August 2022, according to authorities, during an altercation between adults during a minor football game in the Dallas suburb of Lancaster, Talib shot Hickmon, the youth football coach killed in Texas, many times. According to police, a brawl resulted from a disagreement between opposing coaching staff about a referee’s call.

However, a representative of one of the teams later said that when Hickmon moved to pick up a football, it was kicked away.

Both of the Talib brothers’ boys participated on one of the teams, and Hickmon’s son participated on the other, according to The Dallas Morning News.

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Aqib Talib, a former NFL player, his brother, and a youth sports league are being sued for the wrongful death of a youth football coach killed in Texas.

In a report published by Daily Mail, after the incident of a youth football coach killed in Texas, Yaqub left the field and eventually handed himself in to authorities. When he surrendered, his counsel stated that his client “regrets the tragic loss of life” but was doing so so that he might “have the chance to say his side of the story.”

The Talib brothers, Big XII Youth Sports League, and Family Services were all named in a lawsuit brought by the family of Hickmon. More than $1 million in damages are sought in the lawsuit. Aqib Talib attended his brother’s sentence in court despite not being charged with the crime in the case of a youth football coach killed in Texas.

Yaqub Talib, suspect of the youth football coach killed in Texas, receives 37 years in prison sentence.

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