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The Ultimate List of Pennsylvania’s Most Dangerous Cities as of 2023

Despite being the 11th safest state in the union, Pennsylvania has a lot of dangerous cities. (Photo: iStock)

Despite being the 11th safest state in the union, Pennsylvania has a lot of dangerous cities. Although Philadelphia is the most well-known city in Pennsylvania, it is not the most dangerous. Many of Pennsylvania’s most dangerous cities are small, sparsely populated, and unassuming.

Pennsylvania may appear to be the 11th safest state but still has high crime rates. Here are the top most dangerous cities from it to be aware of. (Photo: iStock)

According to FBI statistics, the most dangerous cities in Pennsylvania are McKees Rocks, Darby, Chester, Mckeesport, and Yeadon. With between 101 and 205% more incidents of crime than all the other cities in Pennsylvania, these cities consistently rank highest when it comes to violent and property crimes. You should also stay away from Ambridge, Philadelphia, and Pottstown.

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Explore Pennsylvania’s most dangerous cities with us as we look at what they have in common.


You’ll begin to notice trends in how the population affects crime trends. There might be some surprises, but it’s crucial to know which cities in Pennsylvania, like Pittsburgh, are safe to visit.

1. McKees Rocks

Population: 6,046
Violent Crime: 1,687
Property Crime: 4,723
Total Reported Crime: 6,409

McKees Rocks, one of the most dangerous cities in Pennsylvania, has a 2 crime index, making it safer than only 2% of US cities. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Having a crime index of 2, McKees Rocks is the riskiest city in Pennsylvania. According to this figure, McKees Rocks is only 2% safer than other US cities. It is a small city in Pennsylvania where a lot of crime affects the locals.

Although the city is smaller than the majority of the other cities on this list, the crime rate is alarmingly high per capita. For every 1,000 people who live in McKees Rocks, there are about 62 crimes.

2. Darby

Population: 10,667
Violent Crime: 1,392
Property Crime: 3,233
Total Reported Crime: 4,625

Darby ranks second among “Pennsylvania’s most dangerous cities” with 152 reported crimes. (Photo: Wikipedia Commons)

The crime rate is correlated with Darby’s poverty rate, which is approximately 28.2%. In Darby, 328 of the crimes committed this year have been burglaries, thefts, and vehicle thefts. Residents of Darby run the risk of experiencing a property crime 1 out of 33 times.

Sadly, Darby residents must also accept the likelihood of experiencing violent crime, which is 1 in 70. If it’s dark out or if you’re alone, stay away from areas of Darby like Borough Center. Darby is safer than only 6% of US cities due to its crime index of 6.

According to FBI data, there were 4,625 reported crimes in the Tucson area overall during the year 2020. Both violent and property crimes were among them.

3. Chester

Population: 34,o56
Violent Crime: 1,383
Property Crime: 3,005
Total Reported Crime: 4,389

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The majority of the reports of crime in Chester involve theft as it ranks third in “Pennsylvania’s Most Dangerous Cities” (Photo: iStock)

Chester is a sizable city with numerous reports of property crime. With a crime index of 6, the city is only 6% safer than other US cities. The majority of the reports of crime in Chester involve theft.

This year, 602 theft incidents have been reported by Chester locals. The alarming 254 reported burglaries and the theft rate are what determines the ranking of property crimes.

4,389 crimes have been reported in total for this city, according to FBI data. These crimes included homicide, rape, assault, auto burglary, and other incidents involving property.

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