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Ex-USC Gynecologist Accused of Sexual Assault on Students Passes Away Prior to Trial

Photo: Reuters

Ex-USC gynecologist, George Tyndall, who was awaiting trial on 35 counts of sexual misconduct, was discovered dead in his Los Angeles home on October 5.

Ex-USC Gynecologist Accused of Sexual Assault on Students Passes Away Prior to Trial (Photo: Los Angeles Times)

A Legal Battle Cut Short

In a recent report released  by The Present Enterprise, in October 05, 2023,  a startling turn of events, former University of Southern California (USC) gynecologist George Tyndall, facing 35 counts of sexual misconduct spanning from 2009 to 2016, was discovered lifeless in his Los Angeles home on October 5. Ex-USC gynecologist, Tyndall, who had pleaded not guilty in 2019 and was out on bond, maintained his innocence as he awaited trial. The circumstances surrounding his demise raise questions, yet his lawyer, Leonard Levine, asserts that there is no indication of foul play or suicide.

Ex-USC gynecologist George Tyndall, the once-respected USC gynecologist, was on the brink of a high-stakes trial for allegations that shook the university community. Charged with sexually assaulting numerous students, Tyndall faced the prospect of up to 64 years in prison.

Ex-USC gynecologist’s sudden death adds a complex layer to a case that already saw USC settling with over 700 women for $852 million in 2021. Despite the magnitude of the settlement, Ex-USC gynecologist Tyndall did not admit to any wrongdoing, leaving the legal aftermath of his demise uncertain.

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Legacy of Allegations and Institutional Accountability

According to the recent incident reported by Politico, the allegations against Ex-USC gynecologist Tyndall came to light in 2018 through an investigation by the Los Angeles Times, exposing a history of complaints dating back to the 1990s. Shockingly, Ex-USC gynecologist Tyndall wasn’t suspended until 2016, after a nurse reported him to a rape crisis center. The subsequent quiet resignation with a substantial payout in 2017 raised eyebrows.

As the criminal case unfolded, USC faced legal and financial consequences, settling with victims and agreeing to pay substantial amounts. The legacy of Ex-USC gynecologist Tyndall’s actions extends beyond his individual case, prompting a reevaluation of institutional responses to sexual misconduct allegations within academic settings.

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