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Mass Shooting Incidents in 2023 Expected to Rise After Brutal Murder at Baltimore Block Party

After a brutal murder at a Baltimore block party, authorities expect an increase in mass shooting incidents nationwide.

mass shooting

Mass shooting incidents are expected to increase in 2023. (Photo: Philippine Star)

Several mass shooting incidents in the US are spreading all over the news, and the authorities expect the number will increase in the future. So many people are concerned for their lives since mass shooting incidents are “trending” these days, where a gunman shoots people whether there is a reason or not.

Mass Shooting Incidents are Taking Place Nationwide

mass shooting

A mass shooting in Baltimore has taken two lives. (Photo: Reuters)

USNews reported that mass shooting incidents devour the country, specifically the brutal shooting in the Brooklyn Homes neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland. 

The report revealed that the country expects mass shooting incidents to rise this year, with a staggering number of 679. Compared to 2019 data, mass shooting incidents will likely appear often in the news. 

Some experts believe that these mass shooting incidents started during the pandemic era and its impact on the residents. 

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Many People Have Died From These Mass Shooting Incidents

Since mass shooting incidents have taken so many lives, Forbes revealed Gun Violence Archive’s data showing more than 20,000 people died in these shootings. Aside from that, some survivors were traumatized by these deadly mass shooting incidents. 

According to AP News, mass shooting incidents have impacted survivors’ lives and even worsened them.

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